About Us



    Let's just start by saying, yes, a happily engaged couple is taking care of your fashion needs.The two of us operate and run Dap Up as well as a few other successful businesses. I know, it's crazy. But we consider it one big, super cool date. 

   We put our heads together on a goal to start an online community. At first, we had not a clue as to what to start. But we still dove right in. 

   After a few weeks of tormenting ourselves with lame ideas, we found ourselves sitting across the room from each other in a huff and puff moment. I was staring and her and she was staring at me.

   Then sarcastically I said "Nice shoes."

   She got up and calmly walked over to me and put my tie in her hand and whispered "Nice tie."

    I was flattered. I did have a very sweet tie on at the time.

    She snapped my suspenders and said, "You know, you should just sell yourself."

    I laughed it off for a second... Then in a fit of excitement, I pushed her to the side, sat up, and started jumping for joy! 

    That is when I realized that I can sell myself to the masses! 

    (just playing)

    but it did occur to me that I could sell great fashion! The kind I envy and wear myself. A sophisticated style that I am completely passionate about and obsessed with! And I knew I wasn't the only one who felt that way.

    That was when Dap Up was born. Turned out to be a big hit! 

     So please enjoy yourself. Give in to your style and Dap Up. Feel free to reach out on our contact us page (located in the footer of the page) if you need anything at all!